Culture Management

Why is it important for organisations to manage culture? As a management consultancy with extensive experience in cultural assessments and performance improvement, we at Verita believe that culture is the bedrock of any successful organisation. It’s the operating system that shapes everything from decision-making to employee engagement. A positive workplace culture provides the ideal foundation […]

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Corporate Investigations

REQUEST A CALL BACK Corporate investigation service As a corporate investigator we support organisations by managing commercial issues thoroughly and rapidly. We help businesses navigate through difficult situations and avoid incurring significant reputational damage. Corporate investigators usually determine whether people in a business or a corporation, including employees, management or indeed third parties, have committed

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HR Investigation Training

COURSE: HR Casework Investigation Training Course DURATION: 1/2 Day Overview The course Overview Interactive half-day investigation training course The half-day training course will introduce managers to the PEACE model; a reliable, structured approach to interviewing for best results. The investigation training describes appropriate questioning styles and best practice in report writing. Managers will learn how

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Workplace Investigation Training Course

COURSE: Workplace Investigation Training Course DURATION: 1/2 Day Overview The course Overview Things can go wrong in any workplace, and our CPD-accredited workplace investigation training course will help organisations deliver fair and robust investigations to address workplace issues. Although there is no statutory or legal obligation on an employer to conduct investigations, it is best

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Patient Safety Incident Investigation Training Course

COURSE: Patient Safety Incident Investigation Training Course DURATION: 1 Day (Remote or In-Person) Overview The course Overview This CPD accredited one day course is led by Chris Brougham, an experienced investigator who has conducted many high-profile investigations and reviews. Chris also has significant experience working in the field of patient safety which is an integral

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Independent Investigators

REQUEST A CALL BACK Getting the right independent investigative support Our investigations come in all shapes and sizes and cover a wide variety of regulated organisations from healthcare through to social care and charities as well as private companies. They range from small desktop reviews to large, complex investigations involving multiple interviewees.  Our independent investigation

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Serious Incident Investigation Backlog Service

REQUEST A CALL BACK The problem Is your healthcare organisation facing a backlog of serious incident investigations? If so, Verita and Eva can help. Verita is becoming increasingly aware of the serious incident investigation backlogs across UK healthcare organisations. We know that backlogs create pressure from top management, your commissioners or CQC for you to

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MHPS Investigations

REQUEST A CALL BACK Challenges of an MHPS Investigation An MHPS investigation is an assessment of the conduct of doctors and dentists, carried out within a framework produced by the Department of Health.  Managing the performance of doctors can be one of the hardest and most complex jobs in healthcare. Views about the special status

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Management Consultancy Services

REQUEST A CALL BACK Management Consultancy Services Verita has over a decade of consultancy experience in the healthcare, education, business and Government sectors. Government and commercial organisations face mounting pressure to control spending whilst also improving their levels of service in an ever-changing regulatory environment. With support from Verita, such organisations can stay compliant with

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Workplace Investigators

REQUEST A CALL BACK Workplace investigation service We are specialist workplace investigators with experience providing support to many private and public organisations. As an external investigator, not only is our service independent and impartial, we are able to rapidly assemble an investigation team for clients in need of urgent help. Workplace problems take many forms.

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