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Due diligence experts

Due diligence is the process we use at Verita to identify, verify and assess the claims of another party. We’re a consultancy offering due diligence to London firms by complementing financial and legal experts to investigate all other aspects of a business. That might include areas such as leadership, workforce and culture.

Due diligence is always deployed in mergers and acquisitions of companies. Understandably, the process places great emphasis on financial factors, with legal issues coming a close second. But beyond the “big two” factors there are many other types of due diligence when considering an acquisition, a partnership, a contract, or an investment in another business.

Our due diligence services

Due diligence helps to identify risk areas and key issues across all areas of a business. Evaluating all aspects of a business will reveal evidence about, for example, the quality of its leadership, the strength and culture of the workforce, the organisation’s approach to safety and quality and its focus on customers or service users.

Our due diligence will help you find answers to questions like:

  • Is the business well-led?
  • Will the culture of the business help or hinder the new management?
  • Is everyone in the business focused on quality, safety and the customer?

There is also increasing focus on how businesses address diversity and inclusion, how they maintain ethical standards and how they play their roles in society at large. 

Businesses are increasingly scrutinised on how they address complaints and grievances and on how they manage public interest disclosures, or whistleblowing. And, for some businesses, how its regulatory obligations are met is crucial.

Many of these factors can be quantified in more than financial terms. And solid, measurable information about how a business performs in these areas can be just as valuable as the information gathered in financial and legal due diligence.


Healthcare due diligence services

Due diligence in healthcare is a vital aspect of improving patient safety to ensure avoidance of unintended or unexpected harm to people during the provision of care. It is part of the overall clinical governance of a healthcare organisation. 

Every healthcare provider is expected by CQC and NHS England to minimise patient safety incidents and make improvements in safety and quality. CQC inspects all healthcare providers for safety, including how well they report, investigate and learn from incidents and avoidable harm. 

Verita’s due diligence offer looks at the organisation’s culture of safety and the safety of care itself. Our aim is to identify good practice, areas of risk and the potential for improvement. We cost any recommendations that we make.

Due diligence London specialists

Working alongside established Private Equity firms Verita has developed a reputation for fast and accurate due diligence, particularly in health and social care and in the specialist education sector.

Based in London we have a team of highly skilled investigators with extensive experience in patient safety and clinical governance. We can offer due diligence on quality systems, safety management, human resources, clinical governance, patient safety, and organisational culture.

While much of our background is in conducting high profile and complex investigations in health and social care in the UK, our team also has experts in aviation safety, and in human resources management in FTSE100 companies in the telecoms, transport and utilities sectors. We can bring our resources to bear on big and small projects alike, from whole company acquisitions to “deep-dives” on individual activities or operations within an organisation.

In addition to our core team, we can call on an extensive network of highly skilled Associates to provide additional expertise on specific issues.

Our strength in due diligence lies in our ability to complement the work done by financial and legal experts. Our work is thorough, exacting and done at pace to meet your needs. The analysis, findings and conclusions we reach are all based on the evidence we find and can be relied upon to support your decision making.

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If you would like to know more about our due diligence assessment, please get in touch by emailing Verita’s founder, Ed Marsden, via email at [email protected] or call 020 7494 5670.