Independent management consultants creating a better workplace for you, your employees and people using your services.

We have worked with clients to carry out due diligence on health and care organisations.

We have helped a number of NHS trusts with investigations under the MHPS framework. 

Verita has experience of working with regulated organisations in areas of compliance.

Is your healthcare organisation facing a backlog of serious incident investigations? If so, Verita and Eva can help.

Verita have wide-ranging experience in managing human resources challenges in the public and private sectors

Even the most successful businesses will sometimes need a discreet and independent opinion

At Verita, we believe that there’s an objective truth to be found with every investigation.

We specialise in carrying out thorough investigations and producing evidence-based reports on complex and sensitive issues across a range of sectors, from business-to-government and healthcare to education, charitable and other regulated organisations.

As well as providing detailed investigations and reviews, we are renowned for our training, diagnostic and consultancy services, giving organisations the support and strategic direction they need to resolve regulatory issues and improve.

Our approach is always appropriately measured, and our focus fixed firmly on the continued improvement and development of those organisations we work with.

To see how Verita might be able to assist your organisation, get in touch with us or book a free consultation so we can help you find the right solution.