Healthcare Due Diligence

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At Verita we know that mergers and acquisitions in the independent health and social care sectors are competitive and operate in a growing marketplace.

The delivery of health and social care services is an inherently risky task. The consequences of a serious incident can be devastating for patients.  And bad publicity about incidents can have serious and wide-ranging effects for reputation, future commissioning and, ultimately, company profitability.

Potential owners of a new provider cannot always be assured that an organisation represents a safe investment in terms of the safety, quality and effectiveness of services it provides.

We have worked with clients to carry out due diligence on health and social care organisations to ensure that buyers are aware of the potential areas of risk in the organisation, potential mitigations and have a view of the overall strength of the clinical governance structures and processes in place.

Undertaking this assessment during the negotiation process helps clients ensure that they can become informed, responsible and quality focused owners upon acquisition.


What we do

Verita can conduct rapid diagnostic assessment of the target organisation in order to establish a clear opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of its clinical governance.

We review structures and processes in place to provide executive oversight on clinical operations, risks, and the nature and quality of the information provided to senior management.

Given the discreet nature of these transactions, our team will engage the organisation at the executive level and through the analysis of documentary evidence.

How we work

Verita use a specialist model of benchmarking healthcare organisations as a starting point to critically appraise performance or practice. Our benchmarking process can identify issues with efficiency, performance and safety as well as provide a ‘line in the sand’ against which to assess the impact of changes to the service.

In conducting our review, Verita assesses the organisation’s internal papers, external audits and reviews of the business and oral evidence against our clinical governance assessment tool. The tool is designed to review organisations against seven domains. Each domain contains an overall metric / positioning question as well as a series of industry standard benchmarks. Our benchmarks are based on current published ‘best practice’ set by the NHS in England and other UK regulators.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our due diligence assessment, please get in touch by emailing Verita’s founder, Ed Marsden, via email at [email protected] or call 020 7494 5670.