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Our team of expert professionals and associates are committed to delivering a safe and high quality service for each of our clients.

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Adrian Barr Smith Verita Consultancy Ltd

Adrian Barr-Smith

Adrian Barr-Smith brings a wealth of experience to his role as Verita’s chairman. A solicitor by training, he specialises in public and financial…

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Bethany Simpson Verita Consultancy Ltd
Project & marketing manager

Bethany Simpson

Bethany Simpson joined Verita at the beginning of October 2017 for the role of marketing and administration assistant and has recently been promoted…

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Chris Brougham Verita Consultancy Ltd

Chris Brougham

Chris Brougham is one of Verita’s most experienced investigators and has conducted some of its most high-profile investigations and reviews. As…

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Ed Marsden Verita Consultancy Ltd
Managing director

Ed Marsden

Ed Marsden has a clinical background in general and psychiatric nursing and NHS management. He has worked for the National Audit Office, the…

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Kieran Seale Verita Consultancy Ltd
Assistant director

Kieran Seale

Kieran Seale joined Verita in 2014. He is an experienced consultant with a passion for improving public services. Following a varied career…

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Nicola Salmon Verita Consultancy Ltd

Nicola Salmon

Nicola Salmon joined Verita in March 2017 as office manager and has recently been promoted to a consultant. She has worked on a complaints review for…

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Peter Killwick Verita Consultancy Ltd
Company director

Peter Killwick

After graduating from Cambridge University, Peter Killwick worked in the IT industry for three years before spending the next two years travelling in…

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Samantha Milton Verita Consultancy Ltd
Personal assistant

Samantha Milton

Samantha Milton joined the Verita team in October 2017 as a personal assistant to Ed Marsden. Sam is responsible for managing Ed’s diary, along with…

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Stephen Webb Verita Consultancy Ltd
Communications director

Stephen Webb

Stephen Webb is a board level communications director with over 20 years of experience and a successful track record of leadership, delivery and…

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