Benchmarking Services

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Benchmarking Standards and Accreditation

Benchmarking is a widely used technique for identifying and improving organisational business performance or clinical practice.

Verita use a widely recognised model of benchmarking as a starting point to work collaboratively with organisations to critically appraise performance or practice.

Our benchmarking service can identify issues with efficiency, performance and safety as well as provide a ‘line in the sand’ against which to assess the impact of changes to the service.


How does the benchmarking service with Verita work?

The steps of the benchmarking tool used by Verita are outlined below:

Organisations often set their own internal standards when there are no nationally recognised standards. Verita will establish what internal benchmarks are in place and use these in conjunction with national and international standards.

Review the organisation’s current performance or level of practice

Verita will obtain data that has been gathered from the organisation’s scorecards, data held by the risk department and in publicly available information. Verita can review historic data if the organisation would like to look for trends over a period or establish an improvement/decline in performance over time.

Compare the organisation’s performance or practice against best practice

Using a traffic light system Verita will score current practice or performance. We will then compare performance against peers, both national and international where appropriate and relevant.

If an organisation wants to know how they compare to their peers or specifically another organisation then Verita is able to use published data to compare performance.

Provide recommendations for improvement

Based on the findings Verita will make recommendations on areas for improvement. In order to ensure buy-in at all levels, Verita can hold small focus groups to discuss current practice or performance and any barriers to improving or changing practice.

Develop an action plan to take forward the improvements

Once the recommendations have been discussed and agreed, Verita can help formulate an action plan to support the organisation to implement the recommendations.

Monitor the action plan

Verita can monitor progress made against the action plan to ensure actions are timely, and can also review figures to see if actions are impacting on performance and standards.

At Verita, we work collaboratively with organisations to establish the recognised current best practice set by national and international organisations such as regulators.

To find out more about our Benchmarking Services and how we can assist your organisation, please contact Verita founder Ed Marsden on 020 7494 5670 or [email protected].

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