UK Covid-19 Public Inquiry Updates

Stay updated on the progress of Covid-19 Inquiries

What’s happening with the UK’s Covid-19 Inquiry?

Since its commission in May 2021, news regarding the progress of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry has been intermittent. 

At Verita, we have pieced together the ongoing progress of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry, displayed in the up-to-date infographic.

Covid-19 Inquiry reports from Europe

The UK is not the only country investigating its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

You can read the already-published reports of the Covid-19 inquiries in France, and Denmark below.

  • France (published December 2020) – Google can translate the webpage into English.
  • Denmark (published January 2021)

What can the UK learn from the rest of Europe?

While the UK’s Covid-19 Inquiry continues, it is likely that many of the recommendations will mirror those of other countries. These may include:

  • Ensuring that during a crisis like a pandemic, ‘clear, honest and consistent communication’ is aimed at all sections of the population (Sweden)
  • Establishing a series of ‘high-level panels with expertise within epidemiology and virology, macroeconomics, and law’ which will be activated to advise the government when an epidemic or pandemic occurs (Denmark).
  • Creating a ‘mobilisation plan’ for future pandemics (France).

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