HR Casework Investigation Training Course

HR investigation knowledge and skills

This workshop helps managers of large organisations develop the knowledge and skills needed to conduct effective HR investigations – including discipline, grievance, discrimination and whistleblowing cases.

Interactive half-day investigation training course

The half-day training course will introduce managers to the PEACE model; a reliable, structured approach to interviewing for best results.

The investigation training describes appropriate questioning styles and best practice in report writing. Managers will learn how to gather, classify and record evidence in investigations and how to evaluate it to improve decision making in HR cases.
Overall, participants will learn how to deliver HR investigations that are impartial, fair and thorough.

Feedback from the CPD regarding this course said it is ‘A clear, well-planned workshop that should achieve its learning objectives.’

The course covers:

  • Objectives for investigating and setting up terms of reference
  • Different types of evidence and how to collect them
  • How to carry out interviews and record information
  • How to structure an investigation report
  • Writing effective recommendations

Learning points include:

  • Evaluating the quality of evidence
  • Using different types of interview questioning
  • Adopting the ‘investigative mindset’

Find out more

All our training courses take place at your preferred location. If you would like to know more about our HR investigation training course, please contact Verita director David Scott on 020 4794 5670 or [email protected] to discuss your training needs in more detail.

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