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Verita are leading UK independent consultants who believe in improvement through objective investigation.

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Benchmarking Services

We work collaboratively with organisations to establish the recognised current best practice set by national and international organisations

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Complaint Handling

We are experienced in dealing with all areas of complaints, and our extensive experience allows us to get to the bottom of the most difficult cases.

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Compliance Issues

Verita support organisations in developing policies and procedures, infrastructures, systems and processes for compliance.

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Governance Issues

We have extensive experience of carrying out governance reviews and developing solutions to governance problems.

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Management of Reviews & Support to Inquiries

We specialise in offering independent and professional support and advice on how to handle complex situations.

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Quality Assessment & Improvement

By identifying issues with efficiency, performance and safety, we can provide benchmarks and assurances for organisations across a variety of sectors.

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Serious Incident Investigation Reports

Our serious incident management range from conducting individual investigations and thematic reviews to consultancy, training and diagnostics.

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Whistleblowing Services

We work with staff and management to improve working practices and ultimately develop an open and transparent culture.

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In order for any kind of investigative practice to have a benefit, it must be able to provide actionable insight that can help an organisation overcome its weaknesses.

We pride ourselves on carrying out detailed objective investigations and producing evidence-based reports. The subjects we investigate are often complex, sensitive issues that require care, thoroughness and extraordinary attention to detail. From compliance concerns and serious incidents to governance issues and the handling of complaints and whistleblowers, we have a dedicated and experienced team in place to help your organisation find solutions and overcome difficulties.

As well as providing detailed investigations and reviews, we are renowned for our training, diagnostics and consultancy practices, giving organisations the strategic direction they need to resolve regulatory issues and make improvements.

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