How unregulated HR processes can affect your company

How unregulated HR processes can affect your company

Corporate governance

2018 has seen the charity sector under fire like never before, with sustained media and political scrutiny over failings in corporate governance to tackle serious misconduct and abuse here and abroad.

Save the Children have recently announced they have commissioned a formal investigation into staff misconduct. Such scandal and the justified public outrage highlights the fragility of reputations based on trust and intensifies the scrutiny on a sector which relies on reputation to operate.

The spotlight is now well and truly on corporate governance structure and principles. Reputational damage has been done, and in order to restore public confidence, charities need to prove they are once again good citizens in how they operate corporately and in the field.

Save the Children have withdrawn from bidding for new UK government funding until they can demonstrate they have their house in order. The next steps will be crucial. Ensuring their governance is robust, and quickly, is essential to moving on, and turning the spotlight back from how charities operate and onto to the people and causes, they are there to support.

Our experience and knowledge mean we understand the complexities of delivering good governance. We can provide the support that charities need to reassure their supporters, staff, regulators and most importantly the people they are there to serve.


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How unregulated HR processes can affect your company


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