Healthcare Management Consulting

Verita are leading UK independent consultants and investigators operating across a variety of sectors and services.

Healthcare Consultancy Which Drives Quality Improvement

At Verita, we have a long and successful history as healthcare management consultants, making improvements through investigation, training, and development throughout both the NHS and the private sector. Our clients range from primary care providers through to specialist service providers. We also support commissioning organisations.

Healthcare Management Consulting

Verita’s healthcare consultancy services are solution-based, helping our healthcare clients to overcome compliance and governance concerns. We have a track record of supporting clients to get CQC warning notices lifted, and our range of long-established serious incident solutions quality assure clients that their processes for handling serious incidents are robust.

We benchmark the performance of these processes against best practice standards and provide recommendations on areas for quality improvement in healthcareWe also provide CPD accredited training on all aspects of a serious incident investigation, from data collection and analysis to report writing.


Healthcare Governance Consulting

Our governance review service allows healthcare organisations to get to the bottom of any trust or department-wide issues that are impacting on the provision of high-quality care. We also evaluate the effectiveness of improvement programmes to provide board level insights on what has worked and what hasn’t. With experience in carrying out investigations into whistleblowers and collective grievances, we are equipped to assure board members, particularly non-executives and lay members, that the handling of these sensitive issues is in line with local and national standards.

Some of our most high profile work has involved supporting reviews, such as the independent inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS FT, published in 2010 and the Department of Health’s investigations into Jimmy Savile. Our experienced and versatile team can provide an invaluable back-office function to such reviews, to support the review leads in the collation and analysis of evidence as well as the production of the final report.

Patient Safety Management

Patient safety is obviously an overriding objective for the NHS. Our consultancy experience in the healthcare sector enables us to provide support to improve patient outcomes by looking at why things go wrong and what can be done to prevent them going wrong in future. Our expertise in human performance allows us to analyse the design of healthcare systems and procedures to improve their safety and efficiency. 

As healthcare management consultants, we understand the impact that organisational culture can have on patient safety. We carry out workplace investigations, providing recommendations on how to achieve a just culture which promotes safety and continuous improvement, as well as encouraging open communication.

Healthcare Complaints Management

Complaints can act as a barometer of the safety and quality of services being offered. They can be a helpful way for NHS bodies to identify when things are going wrong at an early stage. If complaints are not being handled well there can be a reduction in patient trust, unwelcome media attention and an added burden for an organisation, sapping time and resource from other pressing and important tasks.

Verita offers the NHS and private sectors a wide range of complaints management services, including helping to get on top of backlogs and helping to put better, safer, and fairer systems in place.

Verita’s complaints assessment service uses a combination of interviews, documentary reviews and a diagnostic tool to assess complaint management systems against best practice. The diagnostic tool is based on our experience of working with NHS trusts to clear complaint backlogs and improve systems for managing complaints. It measures performance against six key indicators: board recognition, system efficiency and quality, resources, learning, complaints team design, and patient experience. The process takes two days to complete and provides high-quality information that enables trusts to prioritise any improvements that are identified as potentially requiring attention.

Effective complaints handling preserves public confidence in services – confidence that can be significantly damaged when things go wrong. In particular, NHS providers need to meet CQC requirements for organisations to make sure that have an “effective and accessible” complaints system (Regulation 16) in place.

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