Incident Investigation Training Courses

Incident Investigation Training

At Verita, we deliver a range of training courses related to incident investigation, based on the principles of human factors and root cause analysis (RCA). Our trainers are experienced investigators and have wide-ranging experience in reviewing failed investigations. This means they fully understand the complexities involved in carrying out a successful investigation.

Our courses aim to help delegates learn about human characteristics and behaviours, and how they contribute to errors and failings. Our training helps delegates understand how process and systems issues contribute to failures and shows how they can help organisations learn from investigation of incidents.


Our Training Courses

Our training courses are designed to assist organisations in all sectors in overcoming different issues, such as:

Understanding the investigative process and its practical application – we recommend our Patient Safety Incident Investigation Course, a one-day interactive course that uses a case study to explore root cause analysis techniques, setting up terms of reference, supporting those affected by an incident and analysing complex data.

Handling and responding to complaints – our half-day Complaints Handling Training Course is perfect for organisations looking to improve the way they respond to complaints. Participants will learn practical skills for responding to complaints, national standards for complaints procedures and understanding the complainant’s point of view.

We suggest our interactive half-day course, How To Conduct An Investigation. This course includes training in selecting your investigative team, quality assuring investigation reports and includes legal and publication considerations.

Preventing serious incidents – this goal is targeted in our Human Performance Development Programme, developed in partnership with senior associate Jo Gillespie. This half-day course explores different human behaviour types, in order to learn the best ways to guard against human performance failures.

Our Investigation Skills for HR Casework Training Course helps managers develop the knowledge and skills needed to conduct effective HR investigations. In a half-day session delegates will be introduced to the PEACE model; a structured approach to interviewing for best results, and will learn about other reliable techniques for managing HR investigations and writing clear reports.


Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method of problem solving used to identify the causal factors of a problem or incident. If conducted properly, an RCA investigation will highlight any underlying system and process issues that may have caused or contributed to an incident.

Our Patient Safety Incident Investigation Training Course is centred on RCA techniques. If you’d like to learn more, read our article on the importance of root cause analysis.


Some of our courses are CPD-accredited, which means they have reached the required standards and benchmarks of The Continuing Professional Development Certification Service. Verita’s accredited training courses are outlined on the CPD’s website, and include:

  • Investigation Skills for HR Casework Training Course
  • Human Performance Development Programme
  • Patient Safety Incident Investigation Training Course

Find out more

All our training courses take place at your preferred location. If you would like to know more about our training courses please contact Verita director David Scott on 020 4794 5670 or [email protected] to discuss your training needs in more detail.