Complaint Handling

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Complaint Handling

We provide compliant handling for the NHS, education, charities and the public and private sectors.

Complaint handling is a key reputational issue for many organisations. This is truer today than ever before, with complaints coming through multiple channels and organisations open to intense scrutiny.

It takes a great deal of time, effort and skill to handle complaints well, which can lead to a significant drain on an organisation’s resources.

NHS, education, charity and private sector complaints have increased substantially over the last decade as a direct consequence of an increasing attitude of open dialogue and consumer empowerment. We work with many organisations, providing support in terms of complaint handling policies, processes and procedures.

It is often questionable as to whether the best strategy should be to tie up internal resources for a long period of time with such sensitive matters, especially when dispute resolutions can often backfire. The growth of social media means that organisations have to tread ever more carefully when it comes to matters such as this. It can often make sense to recruit an independent specialist to manage the complaints handling process on your behalf.

complaint handling

Our experience in complaints handling and training

Verita are experienced in dealing with all areas of complaints. We assist our clients in navigating them through what can be a difficult process in order to reach an acceptable remedy for both parties.

We also advise on improving processes and procedures, and our extensive investigative experience allows us to get to the bottom of the most difficult cases.

A strong quality assurance process has given us a reputation for robustness and independence, and we have helped various organisations – including the NHS, the British Council, the GMC and the Arts Council – with their complaints management challenges. We place a significant emphasis on helping and supporting our clients, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to reduce their future need for external resources, and to systematically improve their own processes and front-line services.


In-depth investigation of complex cases
Quality assurance of previous complaints handling
Ad hoc crisis management


Systematic evaluation of current complaints process
Benchmarking performance against key indicators
Analysis demonstrating where improvements can be made


Taking on complaints handling on your behalf
Clearing a backlog of complaints
Providing an independent complaints review service


Demonstrating how to streamline complaints processes
Showing staff how to implement improved processes
Support in using complaints to drive improvement

Verita provide a complaints handling training day. Please read our training course information for more details.

If you would like to discuss your complaints handling challenges and find out more about how Verita could assist your organisation, please contact Kieran Seale, senior consultant, on 020 7494 5670.

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