Kieran Seale

Kieran Seale Verita Consultancy Ltd

During his time at Verita, Kieran led many investigations across the charities, the NHS, and private healthcare providers.

Governance is a particular area of expertise for Kieran. He led a number of reviews of conflict of interest and governance issues for NHS England and in the charity sector. He also led Verita’s work in the field of complaints management. He ran training courses on complaints management and regularly speaks at conferences on the subject.

Other notable investigations that Kieran has worked on include an investigation following the suicide of a nurse at Imperial NHS Trust, an investigation into safeguarding concerns for the Green Party and an investigation into whistle-blowing allegations at a charity. He has an interest in health policy and regularly writes blogs on health and technology issues.

Kieran is an experienced consultant with a passion for improving public services and a track record of bringing about change through clear thinking and analysis. Prior to joining Verita he had a varied career including working in the planning department at London Transport, local government and the private sector.  Kieran spent five years working in NHS commissioning in Primary Care Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). He was involved in the setting up of four central London CCGs, advising on areas such as governance, risk management and conflicts of interest. Legally qualified, he has wide experience of delivering solutions to governance issues in the NHS and outside.

If you would like to learn more about Verita Consultancy Ltd, then please contact Kieran Seale on 020 7494 5670 or [email protected].