Independent complaints review service commissioned by the Lottery Forum

Independent complaints review service commissioned by the Lottery Forum

The client

The Lottery Forum, Charities Sector


Complaints Handling.

Verita was commissioned to conduct an independent review of a complaint made by an applicant to a Lottery Forum fund.


Performing a stage three review of the complaint to identify whether the complainant’ claims were unfounded or not.


Once our review team, associate Hilary Scott and senior consultant Kieran Seale had identified the complaint was in the public interest to pursue, we submitted a breakdown of costings and a time estimate to the commissioner.

Our team then issued the terms of reference to the complainant and our commissioner for review and comments.

Following on from this our team confirmed that it had been provided with sufficient information to conduct the investigation and sought further information as the review progressed. With all the relevant documentation assembled, including relevant policies and procedural documents from our commissioner as well correspondence between the complainant and the commissioner, our team drafted the report.


Our team produced a final report for the commissioner and the complainant advising whether recommendations involved financial recompense or whether the complainant had a justifiable right of appeal to the ombudsman