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Incident investigation training

Investigating incidents and ensuring that those affected are involved and supported is crucial if organisational learning is going to take place. Uncovering system-wide issues rather than just focusing on the mistakes people make at the sharp end will make sure that the real underlying problems are found. We deliver a range of training courses related to incident investigation, based on the principles of human factors and root cause analysis (RCA). Our trainers are experienced in delivering serious incident reviews, so they fully understand the complexities involved in carrying out a successful investigation. Amongst other things, our courses teach delegates about human characteristics and behaviours, which can ultimately differentiate success from catastrophe.

Key steps

Delegates learn how an investigation model can be used to discover why an incident occurred and to identify solutions to prevent similar incidents recurring in future. Here are the key steps our courses cover:

  • Theory on why we make mistakes and errors
  • How to commission an investigation
  • Developing the terms of reference
  • Setting up the investigation team
  • Gathering and securing evidence
  • Investigative tools and models
  • Developing a comprehensive chronology of the incident
  • Determining key lines of enquiry and analysing information
  • Finding the contributory factors and root causes of why something went wrong
  • Tips on writing the investigation report
  • Developing recommendations that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time scaled (SMART)


Some of our courses are CPD-accredited, which means they have reached the required standards and benchmarks of The Continuing Professional Development Certification Service. You can see our profile on the CPD’s website here.

Investigations & reviews

Our training courses, such as root cause analysis training are ideal for any business that needs to carry out an investigation or review, especially regulated organisations operating in the following market sectors – healthcare, education, charities, and business-to-government – where a commitment to training demonstrates to stakeholders the genuine and proactive commitment of that organisation to compliance concerns and governance issues.

Standardised model

Our training offers a standardised model for how to conduct investigations, thereby providing a consistent approach for all reviews that are subsequently carried out within an organisation, leading to a greater propensity for valuable lessons to be learned from such incidents. We also offer a post-training follow-up support service, to assist individuals when the time comes for them to deliver a live investigation for themselves. This “buddy system” provides reassuring arms-length advice, in the form of telephone calls, email conversations and face-to-face discussions.

Risk awareness

One of the many benefits of incident investigation training is that staff tend to become more aware of the risk in the workplace, and therefore better able to avoid situations arising in the first place. Feedback from delegates informs us that they are more confident and feel more qualified to carry out an investigation after attending one of our courses.

“Very enjoyable, informative training. Excellent trainer with vast knowledge based on experience.”

“Well delivered course, clearly explained with interesting real-life scenarios and useful tools.”

“I have a better understanding of the requirements expected of me.”

Pragmatic approach

We take a pragmatic and practical approach to training, which means that our courses are lively and interactive, with delegates working in teams to investigate a serious incident relevant to the department or division that they work in.

Flexible attitude

We provide training either onsite or offsite as suits clients best, and we run courses for both individuals and groups. We also create bespoke training courses where required, for organisations which require a more tailored approach.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our training courses please contact Verita director David Scott on 020 4794 5670 or [email protected] to discuss your training needs in more detail.

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