Alison Pointu

Alison Pointu is a recently retired executive nurse with a varied nursing career that spans 35 years. Alison is regarded as a knowledge expert in…

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Andrew Woodhead

Andrew Woodhead left the NHS in 2012 after 30 years in healthcare management in London. He now works as an independent management consultant and is…

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Andy Nash

Andy Nash has a background in management in local government and the NHS and started his career as a social worker. He has also worked in national…

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Ann Sutton

Ann Sutton has worked in the NHS for 35 years, most recently as director of commissioning for NHS England. She was responsible for setting up the new…

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Candy Morris

Candy Morris has an NHS career spanning 36 years, with over 19 years as a chief executive. She has top-level experience of designing, developing and…

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Emily Ewart

Emily Ewart is a registered mental health nurse and a cognitive behavioural therapist. She is currently employed in Central London as a CPN and also…

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Jane Russell

Jane Russell is a practising barrister with 20 years’ experience (15 years at the independent Bar and 5 years as a solicitor) undertaking…

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Jane Held

Jane Held is the former director of social services for the London Borough of Camden and has over 30 years’ experience of working in social services…

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Jo Gillespie

Jo Gillespie is a pilot by profession with 30 years of hands-on flying experience, primarily as a commercial airline captain and flight instructor. He…

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Linda Sands

Linda Sands is a highly qualified safeguarding consultant & subject expert with both adults and children.  She started her career in the police…

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Liz Howes

Liz Howes has 20 years’ experience of senior management in the NHS, specialising in mental health and learning disabilities. Liz led on a service…

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Michael de la Haye

Michael de la Haye worked in the public sector in Jersey for nearly 30 years and served as Greffier of the States of Jersey (Clerk of the States…

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