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Quality Assessment and Improvement

Learning and improving is the cornerstone of what we do.

We have a reputation for producing high-quality, insightful work that provides clients with a platform from which they can build knowledge and make improvements. Our quality assessment and improvement process identifies issues with efficiency, performance and safety. It provides benchmarks and assurance for organisations to gauge how they operate comparatively.

Our process

When conducting quality assessment and improvement work our team analyses gaps between actual organisational performance and desired or potential performance. By reviewing our clients’ performance across a range of indicators we use the data we collect to conduct comparative analyses against peers as well as any national and international standards. We often use a traffic light system to score current practice and highlight and deviation from best practice.

Once any gaps have been identified we provide recommendations for improvement. In order to ensure that learning is embedded, we develop SMART action plans alongside our clients and monitor their adherence to them. In order to ensure buy-in at all staff levels in the organisation, we hold small focus groups to discuss current practice or performance and tease out any existing barriers to improving or changing practice.

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Our quality assessment and improvement work can provide boards with the assurance that the right systems and processes are in place to deliver safe services. A charity recently commissioned Verita to review one of its care homes after a resident died following an accident. We have carried out this work in the healthcare sector, often using our suite of diagnostic tools.

Our quality assessment and improvement solutions involve developing bespoke models of assessment based on national standards for key areas such as leadership, board oversight staffing, quality assurance and clinical care. In conjunction with the data we collect, our team spends time reviewing policies and procedures and interviewing staff and other relevant stakeholders.

The underlying value we bring our clients is insights into improvements that need be made and the practical recommendations we provide. Our process also involves highlighting good practice and encouraging organisations to build on their strengths.

If you would like more information on how we might be able to assist your organisation, please contact Verita founder Ed Marsden via email at [email protected] or on 020 7494 5670.

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