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Compliance at work

Verita has experience of working with regulated organisations in areas of compliance issues at work.

As providers, NHS organisations have a number of standards they must adhere to. Organisations must, for example, conform to the agreed standards of care. Many of these standards are externally assessed and also benchmarked by external organisations such as the CQC.

Verita support organisations in developing policies and procedures, infrastructures, systems and processes for compliance. By working collaboratively we can ensure they meet their statutory, regulatory and sector-specific obligations.

Quality Governance is defined as the combination of structures and processes at and below board level, to ensure the organisation’s quality performance. We help organisations meet those required standards and monitor their continued performance.

Verita also helps to support UK organisations to implement governance arrangements internationally.

governance risks and compliance concerns

Our experience

In 2014, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust opened the Shining Towers clinic in Abu Dhabi. King’s chose Verita to support them in this project because of our wealth of knowledge in supporting healthcare providers to meet standards and to develop robust systems and processes.

How we approach compliance issues

To review compliance issues, Verita can conduct an initial review of the current system of the organisation. This will involve reviewing policies and procedures and speaking to staff to gain a full understanding of what should happen regarding compliance standards. We will then benchmark actual practice against the policies and procedures to see if there are any gaps. We will report our findings and provide clear recommendations to improve compliance practices.

To find out more about our Compliance Solutions and how we can assist your organisation, please contact Verita founder Ed Marsden on 020 7494 5670 or [email protected].

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