Suzanne Shale


Suzanne Shale is an expert in healthcare ethics, patient safety, and healthcare leadership. She is ethics advisor to NHS England’s Patient Safety Steering Group, chaired the Surgical Never Events Task Force and was a member of Health Education England’s Learning to be Safer Expert Advisory Group. She is experienced in investigating clinical performance and service provision, and works with several medical Royal Colleges as a lay panel member on reviews. She also developed the Royal College of Surgeons’ guidance to members on duty of candour and responding to concerns. She is the author of Moral Leadership in Medicine: Building Ethical Healthcare Organizations (Cambridge UP 2012) and a trustee of the charity Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA).

Suzanne has been trained to use the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) by its US developers and believes it has great potential to improve the quality of local investigations as well as to support a proactive audit of provider systems.


Areas that we cover include:

Independent Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Complaints Resolution

Governance issues

MHPS Investigations

Benchmarking Services

Whistleblowing Services

Healthcare Due Diligence

Management Consultancy Services

Serious Incident Investigation Reports

Independent investigations

Incident Investigation Training Courses