Lucy Scott-Moncrieff

Senior Associate

Lucy Scott-Moncrieff CBE is the House of Lords commissioner for standards, a mental health and human rights solicitor, a  Mental Health Tribunal and Court of Protection  judge and a long-standing Verita associate. Her previous roles include President of the Law Society of England and Wales, commissioner at the Mental Health Act Commission, member of the QC Appointments Panel and commissioner on the Judicial Appointments Commission. Lucy led the International Bar Association’s work to develop good practice guidance for legal aid systems across the world.

Lucy has carried out a number of complex and high profile reviews with Verita including a report into the death of a patient during routine day surgery for the States of Jersey, an investigation into paediatric cardiac surgery in Leeds and a governance review commissioned by Cambridge University Hospitals NHS foundation trust following the conviction of Myles Bradbury. Lucy worked with Verita to produce work for the Secretary of state for Education: a quality assurance review into allegations about Jimmy Savile and a report on current risks of sexual abuse and exploitation in schools and children’s homes.

More recent work Lucy has completed for Verita includes an investigation, published by NHS Improvement, at the request of the Secretary of State for Health into the handling of whistleblowing allegations at a hospital trust in the West Midlands.

Lucy has written and broadcast regularly on legal issues over the years. Examples of her Verita reports are here and here.

All Senior Associates are members of our Independent Review Service team.


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