Linda Sands


Linda Sands is a highly qualified safeguarding consultant & subject expert with both adults and children.  She started her career in the police in 1981, where she specialised in investigating the abuse of vulnerable witnesses. Due to her commitment and passion for supporting adults at risk, she decided to pursue a career as an independent safeguarding consultant & freelance trainer. Linda has piloted ‘Vulnerable Witness’ courses for 6 police forces in England & Wales, alongside innumerable safeguarding courses for the NHS, social care, charitable and private organisations. Linda was one of the independent investigators within a historical National Children’s Homes Enquiry which led to the successful conviction of paedophiles who were active during the 1970’s. She continues to provide safeguarding training to senior and frontline staff, within all the statutory agencies as well as providing independent consultancy, quality assurance, assessments & reports for education tribunals, judicial reviews  & the Court of Protection.


Our Services and Solutions

Verita Consultancy Limited is a leading independent serious investigations consultancy for regulated organisations. Based in London and Leeds we specialise in carrying out objective investigations of complex and often sensitive issues in a thorough and progressive manner.

We provide organisations with specialist support and advise them on challenging operational and strategic issues in order to help them evolve and improve. At Verita, we are known for our thoroughness and commitment to producing evidence-based reports and advice that not only withstand rigorous challenge but provide insight and a clear path to resolution or improvement.

Our approach is measured, appropriate and acutely focused on finding solutions. Our approach saves our clients time and money by getting it right the first time.


Areas that we cover include:

Serious incidents

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Governance issues

Reviews and inquiries



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