Systematic incident investigation training course for B2G service providers

Systematic incident investigation training course for B2G service providers

The client

Geo Group – Business to government


Serious incidents

Our challenge was to provide an interactive, systematic incident investigation training course for an audience of staff from multinational service providers.


Chris Brougham, director and Stephanie Bown, associate director provided participants of this one-day course, an understanding the of systematic investigative process and its practical application to investigate a wide range of incidents including serious incidents, complex complaints and misconduct or capability concerns. Participants learnt how a systematic investigation can be applied to get to the root causes of an incident and identify solutions to prevent similar incidents happening again.

The course covers every step of an investigation including:

  • theory on why we make mistakes (including human error theory)
  • securing and collating written evidence
  • investigative tools and models
  • developing a comprehensive chronology of the incident
  • analysing information
  • finding the root causes of why something went wrong (including the fishbone and 5 why techniques)
  • writing the investigation report
  • developing recommendations that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timescaled (SMART).

The course provided a framework for the organisations on how to undertake an investigation or review, enabling peace of mind that they have a robust, consistent, coherent and evidence-based approach. This in turn means that the organisation can learn from incidents and minimise the possibility of a reoccurrence of similar events.

Participants left the course, equipped with the tools and techniques to confidently investigate a wide range of incidents.