Scarlett Whitford-Webb

Business Development Assistant

Scarlett joined in July 2020 as an intern and has since been hired as Verita’s business development assistant. Her role is part-time to accommodate her undergraduate degree in Anthropology at the University of Bristol. Verita’s challenging work with harassment and bullying claims link to her academic readings of how organisations grow to produce their own cultures. She is responsible for Verita’s digital marketing and new project research.

Verita Consultancy Ltd

Verita is an independent management consultancy providing expert advice to regulated organisations in the UK. All our work is aimed at helping organisations and their employees to perform more effectively. This may be by providing insight into an adverse event, helping improve organisational systems or equipping a team with knowledge or skills.

Our management consultancy service supports clients with their strategic transformation agendas to become better, fairer and safer service providers. We are also renowned for our independent investigations and reviews, boasting an impressive track record of getting to the bottom of complex workplace issues.

At Verita, our approach is always thorough and focused on improvement. We believe that honest appraisal is the best way to help organisations to deliver safer care, fairer outcomes and better services.