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For providers of higher education, reputation and regulatory compliance are of the utmost importance. Educational governance now forms a fundamental element of the educational system. Prospective students are more discerning and have a greater choice than ever before so it’s important that secondary schools and higher education establishments handle complaints and internal issues swiftly and effectively.

Failing to respond well to disagreements between schools or universities and their students can adversely affect scores in the Student Satisfaction Survey. Reducing the risk of publicity from an unresolved or poorly dealt with complaint therefore becomes ever more important.

Verita’s extensive experience in working with organisations in tightly regulated environments that are exposed to public scrutiny equips us to help organisations in higher education, whether this is with clearing a complaints backlog, or helping to put improved processes in place.

educational governance

With experience in devising and implementing policies in healthcare in the UK and abroad, Verita is well placed to support universities and schools in ensuring that the management of their policies is robust. As a result of our long association with the healthcare sector and our network of associates in the education sector (across a number of UK universities, the CfBT Education Trust and Acorn Care and Education Group), Verita has a great deal of experience in both assessing the strength of core policies as well as how well they are understood and applied by front-line staff.

Verita is also equipped to consult on the overseas development of UK universities, having carried out work of this nature with similar organisations. Our service covers the ‘acculturation’ of UK-based policies for use abroad in order to facilitate a smooth establishment of the brand in overseas markets.

For information on our work for the Department of Education and all things related to Educational Governance, please call our London office. If you would like information on how we can support your university, please contact Verita director Peter Killwick on 020 7494 5670 or [email protected].

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