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Business to Government

With our years of experience in public sector governance, Verita has developed an excellent understanding of the difficult environment in which providers of services to government operations. The work these organisations carry out is often politically charged and exposed to intense scrutiny, so solid processes for compliance and reputation management are essential. The importance of good governance in the public sector couldn’t be more paramount these days.

In commissioning an in-depth investigation, business-to-government providers can demonstrate their determination to get to the bottom of issues raised by the media, campaign groups, politicians, staff and service users. Among the learning that can be gleaned from such an exercise are validations of recruitment processes and levels of resourcing, compliance and training. Our independent and objective approach means that we are well positioned to provide the impartial insights needed to satisfy stakeholders that an organisation is open, transparent, willing to learn and focussed on improvement.

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Government Service Providers

With a background in dealing with sensitive issues, Verita can help business to government providers with the most intricate of complaints issues. Our complaints assessment service uses a combination of interviews, documentary review and a diagnostic tool to assess complaint management systems against best practice. It provides us with the opportunity to take a ‘deep dive’ into a particular service, to provide assurance as to whether particular incidents are either endemic concerns or one-off grievances. It measures performance against six key indicators: trustee board recognition, system efficiency and quality, resources, learning, complaints team design and user experience. The process takes two days to complete and provides information that enables the necessary improvements to be prioritised.

If you would like further information on Public Sector Governance and how we can help your organisation, please contact Verita’s founder, Ed Marsden on 020 7494 5670 or via email at [email protected].

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