What can you expect from our human performance training course?

Verita’s 3-day human performance workshop will include a mix of presentations from Verita trainers, individual and group exercises, and then several opportunities for attendees to practice and demonstrate their own presentation skills.

The course has two stated objectives:

  1. To establish the competence and confidence to deliver human performance training to colleagues.
  1. To provide a broader understanding of human performance for trainers.

On the first day of the workshop, attendees will be asked to give informal introductions to break a little ice. The training will then begin and cover the first principle of human performance and some tips and discussion on instructional technique. To finish the day, there will be an hour or so to prepare for Day 2.

On Day 2 we will recap Day 1 and then each attendee will get to deliver a 3 to 5-minute solo presentation on a human performance topic from Day 1, which will be allocated from a list. The day will continue with a look at the human performance principles 2 & 3, and more discussion of technique. Once again, there will be time at the end to prepare for Day 3.

After another recap, Day 3 will see 5 to 10-minute presentations in pairs, on an allocatedhuman performance topic. It will continue with a review of human performance principles 4 & 5 and end with a summary and conclusions from the preceding sessions. At the end of Day 3, staff will leave with a proactive attitude towards human error management and the confidence to make better informed decisions.

If you would like to book our human performance training course, please contact us on 020 7494 5670 or via email at [email protected] to discuss your training needs in more detail.


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