Verita’s top five tips: how to see complaints as positive feedback

Effective Complaints Handling & Management - Positive Thing?

Effective complaints handling

Verita are experienced in dealing with all areas of complaint management. We understand that although complaints can seem negative, they are actually a good thing. Here are five tips to view complaint handling as a positive form of feedback.


 1. View complaints as a source of good data

At this point in time, data is a commodity. Viewing complaints as a form of data allows you and your business to harness free information that points you in the direction of improvement. You can physically use this information to plot and track your progress.

“Learning from complaints: the benefits to organisations of listening to uncomfortable truths” – Dr. Alex Gillespie, Dr. Tom Reader, LSE


2. Complaints tell you what people think of your services

Complaints tell you where people feel you have room for improvement. If you harness this information you should be able to identify what areas of your business need refining, and where you can do better.


3. Allow you to keep your finger on the pulse

New complaints should be seen as a form of current feedback, they tell you what is wrong at that point in time. This allows you to acknowledge your current standings and how to keep up with the pace of your customers or clientele.


4. Complaints tell you things you don’t want to hear

Organisations, big or small, always want to hear positive comments. But where there are negative comments, there comes the opportunity to improve.


“What an organisation wants to hear is inversely related to what it needs to hear”


5. They encourage communication

 Complaints encourage communication between both the organisation and the user. By quickly engaging in communication and discussing the problems at hand, problems will be understood sooner and hopefully resolved effectively.

For more information about Verita’s complaint management, read our page on how to respond to complaint handling effectively or contact Kieran Seale at [email protected]

Effective Complaints Handling & Management - Positive Thing?


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