Update report on Jimmy Savile by the Department of Health

This weeks update on Savile from the Department of Health

Department of Health

Yesterday, the Department of Health published an update report providing a summary of the actions taken in response to recommendations from Kate Lampard and Verita managing director, Ed Marsden’s report into the themes and lessons learnt from the NHS investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile. The lessons learnt report was published in February this year and built on the findings from 44 NHS investigations into allegations of abuse by Savile on NHS premises.

The lessons learnt report included 14 recommendations for the NHS, the Department of Health and wider government. The government accepted, in principle, 13 of the 14.

Earlier this year NHS trusts were asked by Monitor and the TDA to review their current practice against Kate and Ed’s recommendations and to write back with a summary of their plans and progress.

NHS trusts were asked to:

  • develop an action plan to identify where additional action is needed against these recommendations
  • provide assurance that the necessary action has been taken – or where this is in progress, the date by which it will be completed
  • report back on their proposed actions within three months.

All NHS trusts responded to Monitor and the TDA. Today’s update from the Department of Health reports that these responses were mostly very detailed and considered, demonstrating a high level of commitment across the sector to address the issues raised.

We welcome the positive response to the report. Please contact us to find out more about the report, the recommendations, or our senior independent review service.

This weeks update on Savile from the Department of Health


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