Responding to harassment – too little, too late?

Kieran Seale Verita Consultancy Ltd

Kieran Seale

Published 7 August 2020 More about Kieran

Sainsbury’s has announced a training programme for 116,000 staff following the outcome of a recent employment tribunal case.

You may think that is quite a response to a single case, however unpleasant the details.  But it suggests an underlying problem of a lack of preparedness for handling sexual harassment and bullying issues across the organisation.

Barely a day seems to pass without new allegations, whether in retail organisations, law firms, universities or charities.  At Verita, we have worked with a number of organisations in recent months to help them deal with sensitive issues of this kind.  It is striking how often they have given little thought to preparing for how to respond to allegations – or to reducing the likelihood of them arising in the first place.  For your organisation to start thinking about these issues when they are already on the front page of the newspaper is too little, too late.

If you would like to speak to Verita about how you can prepare yourself for responding to bullying and harassment allegations, contact Kieran Seale or David Scott at [email protected]

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