New figures show half of all complaints badly handled

New figures show half of all complaints badly handled

Over half of all customer complaints received by organisations are not managed properly, according to new figures released today by Verita, a leading independent investigation consultancy. The figures, received from over 1,000 respondents in a Twitter poll in March showed organisations were failing to address complaints properly, which could lead to serious issues not being addressed by senior management.

According to the poll, 23% of respondents said their organisation managed between 75-100% of complaints well, and a further 22% said their organisation managed between half and three-quarters of complaints satisfactorily. Worryingly, more than a third of respondents (37%) said their organisation only managed a quarter of complaints well, with a further 18% putting the number at between a quarter to one-half.

Ed Marsden, our managing director, commented: “Our experience shows that the way customer complaints are managed usually reflects how effective the organisation is overall. Effective reporting and an open culture from the shop floor to the board is essential for any public or private organisation. Whilst there are some positives in the polling, I am concerned at the number of poorly managed complaints. I would urge all organisations to review their complaints procedures, and to make sure any issues they find, some of which could be serious, are dealt with rapidly.”

There were 1,006 respondents to a Twitter poll conducted by Verita which ran for one week in mid-March. Asked the question: ‘In your opinion, what percentage of customer complaints are handled well by your organisation?’, responses were:

  • 22% said between 76-100%
  • 23% said between 51-75%
  • 18% said between 26-50%
  • 37% said between 0-25%

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