Investigations, training and lessons learnt: survey results show what you want to hear from Verita

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With the lead up to Christmas in full swing and 2018 just around the corner, Verita has been focusing on our content distribution for the upcoming year. We launched a poll to ask our partners and clients what they want to hear from us. The figures, from over 2,600 respondents in a Twitter poll last week, revealed an interest in a range of our topics. Such as Root Cause Analysis, Governance Issues, Patient Safety, Complaint handling, Serious Incident Investigations, Diagnostic Tools, Benchmarking, Safeguarding, and much more.

According to the poll, training was voted the most useful update from Verita with 37% of all respondents’ vote. Updates of investigation reports came in second place with 27% and lessons learnt was a close third with 22%. Lastly, our updates on the general topic ‘expert insights’ had only 14% of the votes. This suggests that the public want specific and focused updates, especially on training.

At the end of year review here at Verita, we discussed these results and listened. Training will be a strong focus for our company with a continued aim to deliver serious incident guidance to all sectors. Additionally, we will endeavour to develop our content on investigation reports and lessons learnt throughout the year. Ed Marsden, our managing director, commented:

‘Knowing what our audience finds most useful from Verita is an important step in providing a newsletter of value and purpose. With the final votes being distributed between investigation reports and lessons learned, we will be sure to focus on these points, along with training, when we determine our key themes within our next publication.’

The results show support and interest in healthcare, charities, business to government and education.


There were 2,632 votes in the Twitter poll which ran for one week in mid-December. It asked the question ‘Which updates from Verita do you find most useful?’ responses were:


  • 27% Investigation reports
  • 22% Lessons learned
  • 37% Training
  • 14% Expert insight

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Investigations, training and lessons learnt

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