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Duty of candour

Since April 2015 the statutory duty of candour applies to all care organisations. This means that, when things go wrong, these organisations are legally obligated to notify those affected as soon as possible and provide them with support.

Staff must tell a patient in person if a notifiable patient safety incident has occurred and provide a full explanation of what is known at the time. This explanation should include information about any further investigations that will be carried out. Organisations must provide an apology and keep a written record of the notification to the patient. There is also a statutory duty to provide reasonable support to the patient.

Some organisations are still struggling to establish the duty of candour as an integral part of their culture. We frequently hear of organisations that are still not suitably open and transparent. It is also true that some frontline staff feel anxious about their duty of candour obligations, or are grappling with the definitions and as such are not fully prepared to comply with the duty when the need arises.

One of the things that organisations should do is ensure that all staff are trained to the extent that they are clear about their duty of candour responsibilities and have the tools and techniques to meet the requirements. Verita has developed a training course to help staff at all levels understand the benefits of being open and transparent and the importance of getting the duty of candour right. It is an interactive half-day training course that will provide participants with relevant theory and practical experience to help them decided the best actions to take in duty of candour scenarios. The programme also covers what being open and transparent means and the sanctions for non-compliance with the duty.

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