Complaints and clinical failure – Select Committee 2

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Ed Marsden

Published 10 February 2015 More about Ed

Clinical failure

Last Tuesday morning I found myself facing questions from Public Administration select committee members about NHS complaints and clinical failure.  The committee was considering complaints and clinical failure.  Members are concerned about response times, quality of answers and when matters should be investigated independently.  Greg Mulholland said they were considering creating a single body to which citizens could complain.  About anything and everything, I guess.  I said complaints and incidents need to be dealt with locally in the NHS.  Some trusts do this well.  Others, including some of our clients, struggle.  Why?  Some of it is to do with culture (organisations not thinking complaints and incidents are that important), lack of capacity, poor tools and the disengagement of some clinical staff – especially doctors.  Would create a national body to deal with these problems help patients, families and the NHS?  I doubt it.   But let’s see what the select committee concludes.

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