Bullying and harassment – an epidemic without a vaccine

With a colleague, I have been doing some work looking at all the allegations of bullying and harassment that have been in the press.

I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.

It seems that almost everywhere you look there appear to be allegations of bullying – charities, lawyers, accountants – even a senior diversity and inclusion chief. That is without getting into the allegations bouncing around in the Royal Family.

A big question, of course, is how much this is as a result of increased levels of reporting (a good thing) and how much of more bullying (clearly, a bad thing).

The answer is almost certainly a bit of both, together with organisations being more aware of the need to do something about allegations – to tackle them at source, rather than brush them under the carpet.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of bullying about too. A report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development published last year (‘Managing conflict in the modern workplace‘) found that 15% of employees reported having experienced bullying at work over the last three years, and 8% harassment.

As well as being massively damaging to the individuals who suffer it, the cost of bullying and harassment can be large for organisations. A study published in the BMJ estimates the annual cost to the NHS alone to be over £2bn. And being labelled a bully is a very damaging accusation for the individual concerned, which could have big implications for their future career.

Getting to the bottom of exactly happened is therefore vital – and an essential building block for a response that is both appropriate to the events and also effective in moving the organisation forward.  At Verita we have carried out a number of investigations to do exactly that. Some have been large, but some small and completed in a few weeks.  What stands out, however, is the importance of organisations tackling allegations before they turn up in the pages of the newspapers.

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