Philip Graf

Senior Associate

Philip Graf is the chair of the Gambling Commission and an experienced Verita associate. Philip brings a wealth of expertise to Verita’s education and charities practices. He is chair of the Education Development Trust, a £70m turnover education charity providing services and running schools in the UK, MENA, Sub Saharan Africa and the Far East. He is also a trustee of the Transformation Trust, a charity providing opportunities for young people in challenged schools to develop their employability skills and build self-confidence. Philip is also a director of the Copyright Licensing Agency.

Philip’s previous roles include vice chair of Crisis, the charity for homeless people, vice chair of Ofcom, the media and telecoms regulator and CEO of the Trinity Mirror newspaper group. He was asked by the secretary of state for culture, media and sport to carry out a review of the BBC’s online activities.

All Senior Associates are members of our Independent Review Service team.

Our Services and Solutions

Verita Consultancy Limited is a leading independent serious investigations consultancy for regulated organisations. Based in London and Leeds we specialise in carrying out objective investigations of complex and often sensitive issues in a thorough and progressive manner.

We provide organisations with specialist support and advise them on challenging operational and strategic issues in order to help them evolve and improve. At Verita, we are known for our thoroughness and commitment to producing evidence-based reports and advice that not only withstand rigorous challenge but provide insight and a clear path to resolution or improvement.

Our approach is measured, appropriate and acutely focused on finding solutions. Our approach saves our clients time and money by getting it right the first time.

Areas that we cover include:

Serious incidents

Compliance concerns

Complaint handling

Governance issues

Reviews and inquiries



Quality assessment

Consultancy services

Diagnostic tools

Independent review service

Root cause analysis training

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