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A leading independent consultancy for regulated organisations.

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Independent specialist consultancy

Our goal as a specialist consultancy is to provide independent expertise to enable regulated organisations to improve their services and outcomes.

We are a specialist consultancy that works with regulated organisations in the private and public sector in the UK and overseas. We have over 15 years of experience, an extensive pool of expert advisors and the assurance of tried and tested methodologies.

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Why choose us?

We are renowned for our independence, rigour and the quality of what we deliver. We produce evidence-based work that stands up to close scrutiny and challenge. We help businesses solve problems rather than merely identify them.

How we get results

Our approach is always thorough, proportionate and focused on improvement. We believe that objective assessment and honest feedback is key to helping organisations learn.

Who we work with

Our clients include government departments, regulated private sector organisations, local authorities, police forces, national and international charities, the Department of Health, NHS trusts and clinical commissioning groups.

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Please fill in the details below or book a free 30-minute consultation with Ed Marsden, if you would like to discuss any relevant organisational challenges you are facing. We understand the need for monitoring and compliance in regulatory organisations.

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