Client Pledge

What to expect when working with Verita

With our client relationship managers, we pride ourselves on maintaining active, engaged and trusted relationships with our clients, providing assurance and clarity with every step of the way.

Meeting or exceeding expectations

We pride ourselves on maintaining active, engaged relationships with our clients, providing assurance and clarity.

Quality of work

Verita adopt an objective and independent approach, working in accordance with our operating framework and assurance systems.


We undertake our work independently in order to provide objective insights. We engage with you throughout and carefully consider all evidence, judgements and comments from you and other third parties to form our own independent judgement.


Verita respect and maintain the confidentially of information we receive and will not share it with a third party without express permission or unless required by law.

Honest, approachable

Verita engage in an open and honest manner, delivering difficult messages with sensitivity, and remaining respectful and supportive.

Responsive, timely

Verita are committed to creating and maintaining accessible, engaged relationships with stakeholders, maintaining responsive open lines of communication. We seek to address any concerns with clients in a prompt and candid manner.


Verita are committed to working in an open non-discriminatory way, treating third parties respectfully and with courtesy.