Management of Reviews & Support to Inquiries

Verita are leading UK independent consultants who believe in improvement through objective investigation.

Management of Reviews and Support to Inquiries

At Verita, we understand that organisations face threats to their reputation from a variety of sources every day. We specialise in offering independent and professional support and advice on how to handle these situations.

Verita have experience in providing support to numerous large-scale inquiries, including the first independent inquiry into care provided at Mid Staffordshire NHS FT, and the independent oversight and assurance of Department of Health and Department for Education investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile.

Our comprehensive oversight involves systematic evidencing and assessment of the capacity of the investigation team and the robustness of their processes to assure the quality of the investigation work.

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Our experience in reviews and supporting inquiries

Verita have considerable experience in working with organisations in a supportive and collaborative way to improve working relations between employees and to enhance the quality and safety of services. Our work ranges from specialist support and advice on challenging operational and strategic matters to reviews and investigations of complex, sensitive issues.

We work with regulated organisations in health, business-to-government, charity and higher education sectors. Our clients include commissioners and providers of health and social care, government departments (such as education, health and justice), The Law Society, British Council, Lottery forum and police authorities. Private sector clients include Spire, Serco and Tunstall.